Additional Assistance and EAL Policy

Administration of Medication Policy

Anaphylaxis Management Policy

Assessment and Reporting Policy

Asset Management Policy

Asthma Management Policy

Attendance Policy

Buildings and Grounds Policy

Bullying Prevention Policy

Camping Policy

Canteen policy

Cash Handling Policy

Casual Relief Teacher

Child Protection Mandatory Reporting Policy

Child Safe Code of Conduct

Child Safe Policy

Curriculum Framework

Chinese Mandarin Language Policy

Class Placement Policy

Communication, procedures, and schedule policy


Digital Technologies

Acceptable Use Agreement Primary

Digital Technologies Policy

Duty of Care Policy

English Policy

Enrolment Policy

eSmart Policy

Excursion Policy

Extreme Heat Policy

Finance Policy

Financial Help for Families Policy

First Aid Policy


Fraud Corruption and Other Losses Control Policy

Fundraising Policy

Gifts Benefits Hospitality Policy

H&PE Policy

Hardship Arrangements

Health Care Needs Policy

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Policy

Hire of School Facilities Policy

Homework Policy

Identifying and Responding to All Forms of Abuse in Victorian Schools

Implementing An eSmart Framework

Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Incursion Policy

Injuries to staff Policy

Insurance Arrangement Guidelines

Investment Policy

Learning and Teaching Policy

Leave Policy

Maths Policy

Mobile Phones-Student Use Policy

Newsletter Policy

Occupational Violence and Aggression in Schools Policy

Occupational Violence and Aggression in Schools Procedure

OH and S Policy

Outstanding Debts Policy

Parent Complaint Policy 2019

Parent Fundraising Committee Constitution

Parent Fundraising Committee Nomination Form

Parent Payment Policy

Performing Arts Policy

Privacy Policy

Procurement Policy for Victorian Government Schools v1 March 2017

Professional Development Policy

Refund Policy

Risk in Planning and School Operations Policy

School Electronic Funds Management Policy

Schools Procurement Procedure Document

School Purpose, Values, and Beliefs Policy

Statement of Commitment

Student Well-Being and Engagement

Science Policy

Social Media Policy

Staff Performance and Development Policy

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Student Dress Code Policy

Student Well Being and Discipline Policy

Sunsmart Policy Sustainability

Policy Transition – Intraschool

Transition – To Primary

Transition – To Secondary

Travel Policy

Visitors To School Policy

Visual Arts Policy

Volunteers Policy

WWC Policy

WWC chart

Yard Duty and Supervision