Our History

The school is located on the site of a sheep and dairy farm established around 1883 by John Samuel White. The farm had a number of owners until, at the turn of the century, the Pearson family took ownership and named the property Kippenross. In 1911, the Pearson family moved, to what is now St Margaret’s school, taking the name Kippenross with them. Humphrey and Mercy Davy owned the farm until 1920. From the 1920s to the 1940s, the property was home to Moira Pennefather, who may have renamed the farm Ardsley. In 1946, the property was purchased by Col. Cecil Mervyn Thomas, who renamed it, Brentwood. Henry Wells Rowden was the new owner in 1962. Again the property was sold, with one owner, Mr Bowden, CBE, placing two lions at the gates to Brentwood. These lions are now proudly located at the Berwick Cenotaph.

Our Values

To develop socially well adjusted children by providing a safe, supportive and enriched learning environment where self-esteem and attainment of personal best is promoted and enhanced through differentiated, high quality and parent involved educational programs.


    • All students can learn.
    • Teachers make a difference.
    • Parents, Teachers and students work together to assist learning.
    • Assessment is essential for directing our students learning.


The values which Brentwood Park Primary School are committed to and which form the basis of our actions within our community are –

  • Responsibility: the acceptance of, and personal commitment to tasks entrusted to us
  • Respect: the recognition, acceptance of and valuing of others
  • Excellence: the giving of your absolute personal best to any task
  • Teamwork: to work positively together, listening, sharing ideas, empowering and respecting each other to promote the best teaching practice and student learning opportunities.

Our Facilities

The school has been architecturally designed with its central core accommodated in five distinct buildings, connected by covered walkways. This core comprises an Administration area, a Multi-Media centre, and sixteen modern carpeted classrooms – each with its own teacher resource room and wet area, a Physical Education facility, an Art/Craft facility with a darkroom, a Music room, a canteen and a First Aid room. Notable features of the classroom design are their flexibility in allowing connecting walls to be opened to facilitate team teaching approaches, if desirable. Air-conditioned relocatable units provide an additional 22 classrooms.

In our commitment to and use of ICT, the Multi Media Centre houses 30 networked computers, each Year P – 4 classroom have 6 iPads per class.  All computers / devices have internet access. We run a 1:1 iPad program in Years 5 and 6. The permanent core design and the location of additional classrooms lend itself to the cluster arrangement of year levels, promoting close planning and teaching amongst staff. All facilities have an abundance of natural light integrated within the overall design.

The grounds are spacious and consist of grassed playing areas, two full size basketball/netball courts; one of which is under a shade structure, three sets of playground equipment, a sandpit with shade structure. A free standing gazebo is a central feature of the community established gardens. An active Buildings and Grounds Committee ensures the ongoing development and maintenance of the school grounds in the provision of a safe and attractive environment for the students.

Our hall has been transformed into an amazing Performing Arts Centre, including a wonderful stage.


  • School Captains
  • House Captains
  • Peer Mediators
  • School Representative Council

Our School Leaders

The school aims to offer many leadership programs:

School Captains: Two school captains and two vice school captains who organise and facilitate the school assembly each week.  The also assist with some school activities.  

House Captains: Eight captains who organise sport borrowing and assist with sporting events.

Peer Mediators: Mediators who operate on a rotational basis in the playground.

Student Representative Council: Representatives who participate in decision making processes.