At Brentwood Park Primary School, a whole school approach to student wellbeing promotes and delivers a safe and caring environment for all students. Our programs support our students in developing strategies to assist them in taking responsibility for themselves and their own actions, promoted through the Learning and Growing Together and You Can Do It! Programs, as well as, through the Student Representative Council, Peer Mediation, Buddy System, Lunchtime Clubs and Mentoring Program. We are proud of our students’ behaviour.

Brentwood Park has a number of programs and strategies in place to build a positive, resilient and inclusive school environment that provides safety, security and support for students, where positive relationships and wellbeing are promoted. We strive to foster a school culture that prevents bullying behaviour, by modelling and encouraging behaviour that demonstrates acceptance, kindness and respect. Bullying prevention is proactive via a whole school, multifaceted approach. Additionally, we strive to build strong partnerships between the school, families and the broader community to encourage all members to work together to ensure the safety and general wellbeing of our students.