At Brentwood Park Primary School, our students are supported to become enlightened global citizens who demonstrate intercultural competencies, are socially responsible and civically engaged. We develop their understandings of what it means to live in an interdependent world and how being ‘caring’, ‘connected’ and ‘courageous’ enables them to meet the challenges of their times.
A sister school partnership is a meaningful, reciprocal and sustainable long-term partnership between two schools, aimed at fulfilling a range of purposes as determined by the school communities. Sister school partnerships can be intrastate, interstate or international and are based on the principles of mutual benefit and reciprocity.
Sister school partnerships can be aimed at:

  • broadening students’ perspectives

  • developing students’ intercultural understanding

  • enhancing student language learning

  • contributing to a whole school program of internationalisation

  • building teacher capacity

At Brentwood Park Primary School we have a meaningful and enriching sister school partnership with Yangzhong Experimental Primary School.