Student Wellbeing

Brentwood Park recognises the importance of student well-being underpinning the engagement in learning and there is a whole school focus in implementing the following programs: Learning and Growing Together Program The two-week program undertaken by the whole school at the commencement of the year aims to achieve a learning community based on building positive relationships. The purpose of the program is to have all members learn and grow together; to think about themselves as learners and to think about their relationships with others.

The program involves:

  • the students participating in ‘Get to know you’ activities.
  • the students outlining the reasons why they are at school
  • the students establishing  a MISSION: To make our class a happy and good place to learn well.
  • the students forming a VISION: What is a good classroom, a good student and class teacher?
  • the students exploring shared values and school community values: RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, EXCELLENCE and TEAMWORK.
  • the students exploring the relationships that they will build for the year.
  • the value of teamwork being reinforced.