Our Values


To develop socially well adjusted children by providing a safe, supportive and enriched learning environment where self-esteem and attainment of personal best is promoted and enhanced through differentiated, high quality and parent involved educational programs.


  • All students can learn.
  • Teachers make a difference.
  • Parents, Teachers and students work together to assist learning.
  • Assessment is essential for directing our students learning.


The values which Brentwood Park Primary School are committed to and which form the basis of our actions within our community are –

  • Responsibility: the acceptance of, and personal commitment to tasks entrusted to us
  • Respect: the recognition, acceptance of and valuing of others
  • Excellence: the giving of your absolute personal best to any task
  • Teamwork: to work positively together, listening, sharing ideas, empowering and respecting each other to promote the best teaching practice and student learning opportunities.